Consulting & Design

Our green living expert Alegre Ramos, of, can help you to live, work and build in a more energy efficient, non-toxic and eco-friendly way through her consulting and design practice. Whether you want to rid your home of toxic products, make your business less wasteful or redesign your bedroom using non-toxic products and furniture, Alegre can help you with your specific needs.

After obtaining a bachelor’s and an MBA, Alegre studied interior design at UCLA’s highly regarded extension program. Her design practice focuses on helping clients balance their aesthetic desires with their functional needs while minimizing environmental impact by using sustainable materials and design practices. Alegre is an Allied Member of ASID, a LEED Accredited Professional and a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. Her practice includes both new design, starting from scratch, and redesign, reworking what already exists, of both interior and exterior spaces.

In the almost 10-years that Alegre has been practicing she has worked a on variety of unique project including a commercial building which achieved the highest LEED Platinum rating in the world (67 of 69 points) to Global Green's 2008 Pre-Oscar Party where she created an "Enchanted Eco-Forest" that showcased green-building products in a compelling artistic installation that set the tone for the entire event to outfitting a recording studio with four separate living rooms for one band's extended "home away from home" stay. Stylistically, no two projects of hers come out the same she says, "because they reflect the tastes and needs of their owners, not me."

Her designs of native and California-friendly landscapes that are not just beautiful but also edible and/or medicinal. Her philosophy in designing any space is to create an environment that reflects the lives and needs of its occupants that is also healthy, beautiful and functional. When pressed to describe her own style she says, "I like design that balances the masculine and feminine, shows signs of having been collected and edited over time, and that is beautiful without being 'precious.'"  Alegre has been published and featured in a number of media outlets including:

Selected images from her design portfolio are pictured below.  If you would like to contact Alegre about an upcoming project of yours, you may email her at